What is EQ Taxi Solutions

EQTaxi Solutions utilizes cutting-edge technology to bring you the most comprehensive Uber clone to-date. The EQTaxi app is a complete, application-driven transportation solution to empower your business.

Regardless of the niche, the EQTaxi app can effectively increase your brand’s reach and ROI allowing you to offload transportation problems to the app and redirect your valuable resources to other critical tasks.The EQTaxi app has several noteworthy features that make it a great fit for any business model.

Compatibility on different mobile and PC operating environments

Ability to automate several tasks

Scalable to any number of vehicles

Generation of comprehensive reports and accurate real-time data

The EQTaxi application suite comprises of two mobile apps, one for the Passenger & another for the Driver. It also has a web application which hosts two powerful modules, which cater to the taxi business owner/administrator and the dispatcher.

Passenger application

The Passenger app is extremely easy to use and has been designed to be very intuitive for passengers to use the app with zero training. It is optimized and highly efficient at finding the right driver and the shortest, least populated route. The EQTaxi app dynamically takes into account prevailing conditions like time of the day, traffic, and diversions to give the passengers the best route to their destination.

The EQTaxi app has features that are critical to the functioning of a uber clone app like timely notifications, consistent fare, and time estimations, comprehensive ride summary and history of places visited. All these increase ease of use of the EQTaxi app and make using it extremely intuitive even to first time adopters.

Driver application

The Driver app, as the name suggests is used by the Drivers of your fleet. Keeping in mind the need to be responsive under varying conditions, the EQTaxi app’s driver application has been designed to be robust and can deliver in the most trying circumstances. Critical data is updated in real time to help the user make effective decisions when it comes to pick up and delivery. The navigation system is based on Google Maps which makes it accurate and dynamic.

EQTaxi app empowers the driver with a host of functionalities that are not found on other uber clones like improved and robust UI, quick notifications and a manual booking option. Since it is very responsive, it can accurately calculate changes in distance or time for the convenience of both the passenger and driver.

Dispatcher panel

The EQTaxi dispatcher panel is streamlined and intuitive, enabling easy access to the app's powerful functionalities. Since the function of the dispatcher is critical to a taxi business, the EQTaxi app offers a solid interface which makes directing cabs to the required passengers a cinch. The dispatcher panel has a powerful algorithm which offers a seamless taxi booking service.

The EQTaxi dispatcher panel offers several advanced functions that most other uber clone apps do not offer. It uses proprietary Intelli Schedule technology which selects the optimal route and driver based on real-time feedback from the navigation module. It has a comprehensive Live Tracking system that interactively tracks the location of every member of the fleet for quick and effective decision making.

Admin panel

The EQTaxi administrator panel is a complete repository of all data which is updated dynamically across the whole fleet. It offers a host of monitoring tools which give you the complete picture when it comes to various aspects of the fleet like the number of vehicles currently operating, total distance traveled, total earnings among others.

Operators can use the administrator panel to easily control several fleet-wide operations like managing fares, payments, invoices and festival offers. It can generate detailed reports quickly and effectively which simplifies operating multiple vehicles. You can also set the operating radius for a single vehicle or a group of vehicles.

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