Functional Testing

Functional Testing

Software functional testing is a Quality assurance process which is absolutely aimed to check if the application satisfies the needs of users by emulating the user’s behavior. It is a key process for ensuring the quality of software products.

If the developed application does not provide the proper responses for the requests of clients and if it does not gratify the user’s needs, the company will most likely experience losses and lose faith of its customers.

Increase of competition, needs companies to be sure that the apps meet the needs before they reach the end consumer.Functional testing typically deals with,

functional suitability of the product

the accuracy of the tasks performed


Proficiency to interact with other software or devices.

Standards development.

compliance of the final product realization with functional needs.

protection from unauthorized use and inaccurate user actions

Our testing team successfully combine practical experience and theoretical knowledge in the field of functional testing, so we provide our clients with integrated and comprehensive solutions.

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