Regression Testing

Regression Testing

Regression testing is a type of testing aimed at checking whether actions such as enhancements, patches or configuration modifications don’t introduce new regressions, or bugs, in both the functional and non-functional areas of an application.

Regression testing is a major part of testing life cycle. It is used to ensure that the quality of your application remains good after any changes in the software environment.

It helps to protect your system against failures and avoids any regressions caused by changes in the application.

Before launching any application, it has to be made sure that it functions correctly without errors. With Equator technologies, you can rest assured that your application has passed all regression tests and new improvements didn’t bring in new defects.

Our testers are ready to help you in testing services to provide a high quality application for your customers.

Each feature of your application will be tested by our experts on all available platforms before development of the next feature.

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