Load Testing

Load Testing

Load Testing is the software testing procedure which is used to examine the performance of a system and evaluate its response when subject to normal and extreme load conditions.Load Testing is the simulation process of usage traffic, which tests the performance of application, scalability and reliability, helping to create the highest amount of load that an application could withstand.

With our highly experienced testers your application will undergo testing by the most professional testing resources available that will leave you thoroughly satisfied.We provide you with high-skilled testers who will deliver load testing for your web apps manually and with the use of the best cutting edge automation tools available in the market.

Unique requests:

Even when statistics of system work is formed, there are always a few users who request non-common used pages.

System response time:

By performing a sufficient number of measurements, the probability of system response could be easily determined. System response time depends on the degree of system distribution.

The spread of response time:

With a large number of time measurements there are always requests which needs the maximum processing time.

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