Mobile Application Development

Mobile Application Development

Across the globe, more people now use mobile devices as their essential means of finding information and requesting services over the Internet. This change is due to the convenience of being able to carry the mobile devices wherever they go, along with their user-friendly and intuitive nature.

Taking benefit of the factor, Mobile web application development has acquired popularity and many organizations have mobile enabled their websites for a global reach. Creating a mobile application for your business helps you aim for a vast customer base, generating new revenue streams for your business. It also boosts your business efficiency and decreases the operational costs.

Our team has experts in every facet of Mobile App Development, with the ability to design & develop solutions for any complex requirements to move your business to the next level by giving everything your customers would need to view in your mobile app. We build quality mobile applications that are well displayed on almost all the smart phones, tablets and browsers. Delivering a high quality, creative solution needs a very good knowledge of the respective mobile platforms and its unique features. Our vibrant team has it all!

Mobile applications are broadly classified into two main types: Native and Hybrid applications. We analyze the exact needs of our clients and advise them on the advantages of developing a native application versus a hybrid application.

We specialize in Native Application Development for iOS, Android and Windows operating systems. Our development team has experience and ability to render the best mobile application using platform specific coding language. We develop hybrid applications using an open source framework called PhoneGap which allows us to develop once and deploy in all mobile platforms.

Mobile Application Development Services

Consultation and Strategies

This would be the first step we take in trying to understand, what the client has in mind and how we can help to develop the idea.

Our mobile application team has the capability to make you understand the challenges, advantages and drawbacks for a specific requirement.

We also look over the short term as well as long term objectives of our clients, while planning the mobile strategy.

UI/UX Design

Having to delight your customers to make them use your mobile app would be the biggest challenge, so UI/UX design would be one of the most important aspects while developing a mobile app.

The inadequacy of using the app in a small screen can be overcome with an elegant design and we can work with you on that. All the images are well optimized to provide fast loading and trouble-free user experience.


After understanding the requirements clearly and after the initial planning is completed, the development work is started along with the design phase by our experienced architects who have years of experience developing enterprise level platforms.

We have trained and dedicated mobile application developers working in both native and cross-platform app development.

Our mobile app development services include use cases, UI design and coding, app design, coding, and integration.

Our main aim is to reduce the time to market and offer more business value through the intelligent use of the modern tools and technologies.


Once developed, the most vital step would be connecting the app to the right customers.

We assist our clients to post their apps in the particular stores for iOS, Android and Windows.

We direct our clients in selecting the exact marketing strategy to reach their target audience.

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Native Application Development

Native apps are precise to a given mobile platform (iOS or Android) using the development tools and languages that the respective platform supports. For iPhone, the native programming language is Objective C and for Android, the native programming language is Java.

Native apps offer better performance, offer a responsive & fluid experience and a user can navigate and act together with the app without experiencing any loading delays. They can boost speed and maximize features.

At Equator technologies, we design, develop and optimize native mobile applications for iOS, Android and Windows Phones.

Our native mobile application development services allow our clients to integrate a mobile app with their website, to offer new utilities to their customers and to send quick snippets of information.

Features of Native Apps

  • Developed specifically for the devices they live on
  • Native apps are device specific apps that run directly on a mobile device
  • Downloaded from the Apple App store or the Google Play Store
  • Drive enhanced user experiences
  • Optimized for speed and performance across devices
  • Able to operate with or without Internet connectivity
  • Android App Development

      Android has emerged as the platform of choice around the globe, due to which the demand for Android app development has sky-rocketed.

      We have highly skilled and creative minds with around half a decade of experience in designing & developing android applications. Our android app developers have the ability to build a great app that is reliable, totally functional, and is customized to your business brand and your target audience.

      At Equator Technologies, we have devoted teams of developers who can work out any difficult task with their strong knowledge in Android SDK, Android Media APIs, Android security architecture etc. Our team is equipped to develop apps for both Smart phones and tablets, giving you the flexibility between multiple devices.

    Our Custom Android Apps Development Services include

    • Business Applications
    • Communication Applications
    • Shopping Applications
    • Personalization Applications
    • Web-Based Application Development
    • Utility Applications
    • Widgets
    Android Development

    iOS App Development

    Our proficient teams of iOS developers have the capability to provide you a powerful application that gives you an edge over your competitors. We help you to turn your inventive vision into a full blown live application with all the bells & whistles necessary.

    iOS application development differs from other platforms since it has its own group of technologies. We offer a wide range of services in iOS Application Development. We have expertise developing iOS apps using the latest technologies available in the market. We have a highly trained team for the design, development, testing and deployment of iOS Apps. We observe the current iPhone trends to deliver our clients the best application in the industry.

    Our skilled developers build customized apps with the right tools to discover the unlimited possibilities of an iPhone application for our clients.

    We provide end-to-end iPhone apps development including,

    • Requirement gathering
    • Architecture
    • Design
    • Development
    • Testing
    • Deployment
    iOS Development

    With our thorough knowledge of development processes, we strive to provide scalable and secure iPhone / iPad mobile applications to deliver the best results for our clients and stay at the forefront of the industry.

    Our iPhone App services include:

    • Attractive UI integration based on iOS 7 standard
    • Push notifications
    • In-app purchase
    • REST API Integration
    • iAd integration
    • Online/ offline data sync

    Windows App Development

    With the advent of Windows 10, Microsoft has made it extremely easy to develop apps for the Universal Windows Platform with just one API set and one app package to reach all Windows 10 devices – PCs, tablets, phones, and more.

    The Windows Mobile platform offers an impressive range of features such as,

    • Seamless data connectivity
    • Enhanced security
    • Rich API support such as Blue tooth
    • Pocket Outlook Object Model (POOM)
    • Programming models (native code, managed code, mobile web development)
    • Multithreading
    windows Development

    We offer creative, efficient, cost-effective, standardized processes and user-friendly approach to Microsoft app development. Our quality assurance processes are highly effectual and we assure that your Windows app will be fully tested on many different kinds of Windows mobile devices. Our developers are technically proficient with the new Modern Style UI, well known as Metro style, and are familiar with the complexity of design to provide high-class apps for the latest Windows platforms.

    Hybrid Application Development

    Hybrid apps are developed using web technologies such as HTML5, CSS and JavaScript, then put inside a native container such Adobe PhoneGap. Hybrid application development merges the advantages of both native and mobile web applications. It is well suited for a broad range of applications and can still provide a good user experience.

    We help businesses reach mobile market faster, at reduced costs and reach a broader audience with hybrid apps.

    Here are some Pros & Cons of Hybrid Apps

  • Faster time to market when compared to pure native app development time cycles
  • Can be easily deployed across multiple platforms and is usually the cheaper and faster solution
  • Hybrid apps can be developed and deployed easier and faster
  • Easy maintenance, upgrades and deployments
  • Real-time push notifications are possible with the Hybrid approach via the use of native components.
  • Hybrid applications can handle full socket communications.
  • Limited UX experience compared to native UI
  • Security concerns
  • Hybrid Application Development

    PhoneGap Mobile Application Development

    If you are in search of a cross-platform framework that can run smoothly on different mobile platforms like iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Windows 8, Amazon Fire OS, BlackBerry 10, Ubuntu, then PhoneGap application will be your best choice. This way your application gets an exposure to a larger audience.

    PhoneGap is the most flexible framework known for connecting web apps with mobile platforms. Using the PhoneGap framework, you can easily develop a great array of cross platform mobile applications using HTML5, JavaScript and CSS3.

    Equator Technologies provides PhoneGap Development services using expert PhoneGap Developers who have a strong background in client side web technologies.

    Features of PhoneGap

    • PhoneGap is the best solution for developers interested in mobile development as it allows them to update existing code rather than start from scratch with a device-specific compiled language.
    • PhoneGap is a great way to link your market gap and reach to millions of users around the globe using an array of mobile devices.
    • Wide range of standardized APIs to support almost all mobile functions including accelerometer, camera, compass, contacts, file geo-location, media, network, notifications and storage.
    PhoneGap Development
    • Cordova CLI, Embedded Web View and Plug-in interface are some of the most advanced development tools available with this framework.
    • Lot of customization option for display of applications with an array of splash screens and icons.
    • Supports advanced technology to interact with hardware functionality.
    • Third Party API Integration.
    • Easy to manage Command-line interface will allow you to create, build and deploy easily and quickly.
    • More than a million download and presently PhoneGap is used by more than 400,000 developers worldwide.
    • Great quality app and flexible usage increase its profitability and ultimately increases your ROI.

    Why Choose Equator Technologies for PhoneGap Development?

    • Custom PhoneGap App Development from scratch
    • Extensive experience in web development using HTML5, CSS3 & jQuery
    • Dedicated PhoneGap Developers
    • Highly competitive Prices

    Xamarin Mobile Application Development

    Xamarin is a cross-platform development tool that allows development of mobile applications by saving on higher costs of investment. It is a better way to build, test and monitor apps.

    With Xamarin developers use C# to develop native apps for various mobile platforms including iOS, Android, Mac and Windows using a single code base.

    Our team of Xamarin developers focus on creating native iOS, Android, and Windows apps with device-specific experiences.

    Our experienced team develops applications making use of the Xamarin development service based on the specific needs of our clients in an efficient and quick way. We

    strive to develop the best cross platform applications using the Xamarin platform which deliver the user experience and performance of a native application.

    Xamarin Development

    Advantages of using Xamarin for development:

    • Cross platform compatibility thus saving on higher costs of investment
    • Xamarin apps share code across all platforms
    • Apps are developed with Native UI controls
    • Creating native apps with device-specific experiences
    • Xamarin allows Cross-Platform compatibility
    • Xamarin Test Cloud enables automatic testing on apps