Social Media Apps

Social Networking has paved numerous ways for people to stay connected with their friends and relatives. According to smartinsights about 2.789 billion users are active on social media. IT companies can benefit from this factor and can pull in a lot of revenue by creating engaging and innovative social media apps. We have helped our clients to deliver the most captivating and interactive social media apps. We have incorporated highly rich user-friendly GUI’s into all social media apps we’ve developed.

Why choose Equator for your Social Media App needs?

Social Networking based Mobile Apps- Messaging Apps: We develop messaging apps that support a variety of features such as group chats, push notifications, video calling, online indicators and offline features, location sharing etc.

Quiz Apps: Developing a quiz app is one of the most innovative ways to impart knowledge to users. Knowledge and humour go hand in hand while developing a quiz app which makes it more interesting and fun.

Music Apps: Find the most awesome songs and music that connects with your soul. Develop music apps that allows you to upload, download and discover music from various parts of the world.

Photography Apps: Features:a. Image Capturing,b. Upload and Download Photos, c. Adding Filtersto the image, d. Frames, Collage making and other tools.

Blog Creation.

Mobile Apps for Social Causes and Campaigns.

Remainder Apps.

Mobile Apps for Poll taking.

Utility Apps:

Smart Phones have become an all-in-one device. Enhance your Mobile’s usefulness and your client's productivity by creating a utility app which solves a common problem that everyone faces and also something that yields positive changes in a user’s day to day life. Our Engineers have delivered utility apps for all mobile platforms such as Android, iOS, Windows etc. By leveraging our expertise in Mobility, we can help you in developing top quality and high performing utility apps.

Why choose Equator for your Utility app needs?

We develop mobile utility apps that offers better connectivity and productivity.

We have the necessary expertise to integrate features like Map navigation, Dashboards, Contact synchronization, Messaging, Bluetooth connectivity, Calculators, Calendars etc.

Our software engineers are skilled in integrating Currency Converters, Weather utilities, Social networking utilities, Billing utilities etc to your utility app.

Realty Apps:

The real estate industry always attracts investors from around the globe. Real Estate Agents as well as IT companies can play this to their strengths. Real Estate Apps helps to reach out to your customers or a prospective buyer. These apps once downloaded helps customers to view vacant houses, apartments that suits them. By developing a real estate app, you can close in leads and pull in a lot of commission very quickly and can also help your clients to buy the house of their dreams.

Why choose Equator for your Realty app needs?

Staging apps that allow field engineers to record floor plans and actions necessary to store the house, when they are visiting any property that they are going to stage.

We have developed multiple apps for the Mortgage industry.

Integrating High Quality Images and Videos into our realty apps.

We have integratedGeo location, Images and Descriptions surrounding the home’s vicinity.

Banking and Finance:

The growth of Internet has reinvented Banking and Finance Organizations. Online Banking,Mobile Banking, Payrolls,Online Bill Payment etc. have gained huge recognition over the past decade. At Equator equatortekwe continue to provide reliable and safe solutions for Banking & Finance Organizations.

Why choose Equator for your Banking and Finance Services?

We design Banking & Finance applications that are compatible with all devices.

We at Equator equatortek offer our expertise in Online Banking, Online Statement, Online Payment, Banking Operations, Financial Spreading, Treasury Management, Fraud Operations, Commercial Risks etc.

We incorporate the best Animation, Sound Bits, Visuals etc., into your banking application to neatly explain your banking services.

Our banking apps offer Easy Transactions that doesn’t frustrate the user.


The advancements in technology has totally changed the way insurance companies operate. With the constant change in market and customer habits there is a huge demand for better services in the Insurance Industry. Companies have started adapting to the latest technologies and trends to maximize their potential and to generate new leads.

Why choose Equator for your Insurance Services?

We help insurers to modernize their Legacy Applications, Reduce Costs by improving their operational efficiency.

We incorporate the most efficient Process Models into our client’s insurance app to help them meet their intended targets.

We provide powerful strategies to improve the margins by applying modernized features into their insurance services.

We also include features like Tracking Insurance claims, enrolling for a specificplan etc. into all insurance apps we develop.

Legal Industry:

Legal Industry heavily relies on technology to reduce time, cut costs, reduce paperwork etc., We at Equator equatortek offer the best legal services and solutions to help your legal firm stay ahead of competition and to attract new clients.

Why choose Equator for your Legal software needs?

By using our expertise on legal industries, we help you to modernize your processes by providing innovative digital solutions.

We specialize in developing applications for Case Management, Document Management, Email Encryption, Time Tracking, Billing Contacts, Case Calendars etc.

We are also skilled in developing Information Portals for the Legal Community.

We have engineered products for Legal Project Management, which helps in tracking Matters/Cases, has a solid Scheduler, allow Lawyers to log their hours, automates billing, manages Assets and tracks their deliveries and also manages client grievances using an elaborate ticket management system.

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