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While mobile devices have taken over a good share of the internet user base, majority of the businesses and business users rely heavily on web applications and web sites for their day to day operations. According to a Ironpaper it has been reported that about 57.7% of medium and small sized businesses intend to build new or improved websites and web applications to either promote their business or to serve their client's everyday needs.

We here at  Equator offer end-to-end services in Web App Development. With more than a decade of experience architecting some of the most complex and state of the art Web Applications. Our engineers know what it takes to build a secure, reliable, scalable application which provides the best user experience and fits our customer's needs exactly. Our talented web application developers come up with out of the box solutions and have a track record of delivering web applications which perform really well under duress.

Our Expertise in Web Application Development


We know what it takes to develop an enterprise application which could stand the test of times. Our architects design web applications that offer prolonged application lifecycle, superior ROI, considerable reduction in time to get the app to the market, lowered business risks and reduced system downtime.

Domain Knowledge!

We have developed web applications and websites for various industries like E-Commerce, HealthCare, Education, Travel, IT, Legal, Banking, Government etc.


We are equally adept at using open source technologies such as PHP, Java as well as paid platforms such as Microsoft and Oracle. We leverage touch friendly responsive UI frameworks to develop mobile friendly web applications, which display uniformly across all tablets and smartphones.

Quality Assurance!

We strive to boost user experience by delivering high quality applications. Our Testing team makes sure that the software we build confirms to the latest standards with fast loading times. We continuously test the software for functional correctness and completeness throughout the lifecycle of the application.

How we work?


We use agile methodology for development. We understand that your ideas evolve over time, so we constantly communicate our progress to get your feedback and incorporate them to create an application that you and your clients can rely upon. We use industry standard project management methodologies/platforms such as JIRA, Redmine to keep everything transparent.

Customized Services!

No matter what your requirements are, we are flexible and ready to deliver what you need. We can develop web applications from scratch, migrate your application to a new technology stack, or improve your frontend designs.


We understand what it takes to build an enterprise ready web application and have encountered many challenges when it comes to security, scalability, performance etc., in the past and have successfully overcome them. We incorporate security-rich features to our web applications and make sure to close out any holes that makes them vulnerable to attacks.

Solid Guarantee!

We include a solid guarantee into every contract we sign, with solid milestones & deliverables along with proper timelines & budget. To put our client's mind at ease, we provide upto 90 days of free support (bug fixes) after the final delivery date.

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Our Recent Works

We have successfully delivered over 200+ projects. Our clients are from all around the globe. Here is a sneak peek of our recent projects.

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