Mobile Application Testing

Mobile Application Testing

Mobile is one of the most significant technology platforms today, with mobile devices challenging the personal computer (PC) as the application platform of choice. This makes mobile testing vital for businesses to stay ahead of competition.Market unveiling of cell phone devices of advanced versions with different operating systems and complex functional platforms has resulted in growing demand for wide-ranging and guaranteed mobile application testing tools.We focus in providing wide-ranging, low-cost, and swift mobile web application testing solutions for iOS, BlackBerry, iPhone, Android, Windows Mobile, and other smartphone devices with advanced features.

Our mobile application testing tools are designed keeping in view of the current developments, automation requirements, and need for cost-effective testing solutions.

Our testing team has expertise in android mobile application testing, windows phone testing, Blackberry testing and testing iPhone application in real devices and environment to make sure that end users do not face operational bottlenecks.

Our mobile application testing team comprises of in-house experts with specialization in iOS, Java ME, SIM Tool Kit, multibrowser applications and other technologies that are normally used on mobile devices. This allows us to quickly build and execute multiple mobile application testing solutions on a collection of handsets.

Our mobile application testing tools are developed keeping in view the need for life-cycle development of software to be used with different OS platforms and functionalities.

Our team of experts can assimilate new processes to your prevailing mobile application testing tools so that you can carry on tests effortlessly and quickly.We fully recognize that mobile application testing is a complex process where a single error can effect the functionality of the device.

Whether it is an android or an iOS application, we have the skill and technique to find out the coding errors, invisible bugs, and complexities that can impact the effectiveness of the application in the long run.

iPhone Mobile Application Testing

Due to constantly increasing competition in the market of mobile applications, the developers should focus on testing their mobile applications. Approach to such testing significantly differs from the standard approach to testing of applications developed for use on PCs. Such difference arises because of the large number of design features of mobile devices and a variety of mobile platforms. Therefore, it is better to entrust such kind of testing to professionals.

Our QA team offers full range of quality control for testing the iPhone applications.

Our testers have broad experience in working with various mobile platforms and operating systems as well as experience and knowledge base on specific character of those platforms, with the use of emulators and real devices.

Android Mobile Application Testing

Test your app with our android team of security specialists and testers who know the ins and outs of finding security and privacy vulnerabilities in modern apps.

Windows Mobile Application Testing

Windows Mobile is one of the oldest platforms and is still present in the market.

Our testing team provides Windows mobile application testing services for clients from all over the world ensuring quick, high quality and cost-effective solutions as a result. Our testers provide both manual and automated Windows mobile apps testing services depending on the needs of our client.

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