Automation Testing

Automation Testing

Automation Software Testing Service is intended to ease manual efforts and repetitive works and to resolve any defects before they reach production.Use of automation technology in the entire software testing life-cycle enables the team to test faster, increases test accuracy and productivity.Automation testing provides the following benefits,.

Increase the efficiency & effectiveness of the application

Reduce costs

Replicate testing across different platforms.

Execute different complex test cases and achieve expected quality

Achieve Consistent and Accurate results.

Reuse test scripts

Minimize Manual Intervention

Our Quality Assurance team has vast domain expertise in automation software testing. Our Automation testers try various input scenarios and assess the test results with expected behaviors.Our Automation testing services includes,

Selection of appropriate test tools

Identification of test scenarios which are to be automated

Setting up Test environment for Automation.

Test browser compatibility and system functionality

Testing of software on different platforms with various configurations.

Generation of Automation Test Report

Test Script Maintenance.

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