We work extensively with PHP on a number of projects for our clients. We use well supported MVC frameworks like Symfony, CodeIgniter etc. We deliver websites based on industry standard CMS such as WordPress. We also Customize E-Commerce platforms such as Magento to support our client’s online stores. We have expertise in the following list of technologies in the LAMP Stack.

  • Core PHP

  • MVC Framework

  • Symfony

  • CakePHP

  • CodeIgniter

Client Side
  • HTML5

  • CSS3

  • Java Script

  • JQ Widgets

  • ExtJS

JS Frameworks
  • Knockout

  • Angular

  • JQuery

  • Wordpress

  • Joomla

  • Drupal

  • Magento

  • Opencart

  • Zencart

Data Access
  • Doctrine

  • PDO

CSS Frameworks
  • Bootstrap

  • Foundation

  • MySQL Server

  • Oracle


As a member of the microsoft partner network, we have access to all the latest technologies offered by them. We have a big team of engineers who are adept at various technologies in the microsoft stack & many of them are certified in what they do. We have expertise in the following list of technologies in the microsoft stack.

  • ASP .NET MVC, AJAX, JQuery

  • Webforms

  • C# .NET, VB .NET

  • WCF

  • Web API

  • IIS with WAS


  • SSRS

  • SSIS

  • SSAS

  • CLR Integration

  • MS Exchange Server Integration

  • Sharepoint 2013/2010

  • Development

  • Administration

Desktop Apps
  • WPF

  • Winforms

  • MS Office Integration

ORM Tools
  • Entity Framework

  • IdeaBlade

  • LLBL GenPro

  • NHibernate

UI Libraries
  • Infragistics

  • Telerik

  • ComponentOne


We have delivered various desktop & web based application using Java, J2EE & IBM Portlets. As with every other technology stack we use MVC framework such as Spring MVC heavily for our latest projects.We have expertise in the following list of technologies in the Java/J2EE Stack.

  • Core Java

  • JSP

  • Servlet

  • JSF

  • Portlets

  • jersy

  • Spring MVC

  • JQuery, Ajax, XHTML

Application Servers
  • Apache

  • Tomcat

  • IBM Websphere

  • Oracle 11g/10g

  • Postgre SQL

  • Ant

  • Maven

ORM Tools
  • Hibernate


We have experts who can build for heavily used platforms like ios & Android. We have developed feature rich complex native apps for both mobile phones & tablets. For utility application which do not require the usage of native API. We use Hybrid Frameworks like PhoneGap where we can develop once & deploy in almost all available mobile platforms. We have expertise in the following list of technologies in the Java/J2EE Stack.

Native Apps
  • iOS Native API

  • Android Native API

  • Windows Native API

  • Sencha

Hybrid Apps
  • PhoneGap

  • Xamarin

  • JQuery Mobile

  • Html5

  • SqLite

  • MySQL


We have elaborate working experience with industry loading search Engines, Translation Engines & Social APIs.  Our Data Analytics team has crunched through terabytes of data using technologies like Hadoop and were able to extract useful information which was Presented to the end users Via Charting APIs like d3.js & HighCharts.

Conceptual Search Engine
  • CAAT (Content Analyst) – Also supports Clustering

  • Categorization

  • Near Dup identification

  • Email Thread identification

  • Language Identification

Full-Text Search Engines
  • DTSearch

  • Lucene

Data Visualization
  • d3.js

  • HighCharts

Translation Engines
  • Microsoft

  • Google

  • LEC

Big Data
  • Hadoop

  • Facebook API

  • Google API (Single-Sign On)

  • Yahoo API (Contacts)

  • QuickBooks API

  • LDAP integration

  • Email Server Inbox Polling using IMAP