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At Equator Technologies we meet our client's expectations and needs by delivering highly qualified applications at flexible costs and on-time delivery. We neatly craft customized web applications and mobile applications that adhere to your needs.

By using our state of the art methodologies and technologies we help you to overcome all your business-related challenges by optimizing your business processes and by adding a lot of value for the money spent. Our expertise in Web and Mobile technologies gives us the edge to deliver high quality applications to our clients. Over the past decade, we have worked with various industries like,


We have helped our clients by creating successful E-Commerce Websites and Mobile Applications. Our Expertise in creating E-Commerce applications has helped our client’s businesses, by increasing their revenue and visibility for their products. A number of clients have entrusted us with their E-Commerce Solutions needs.

Why Choose Equator for your E-Commerce Solutions?

Our experts provide solutions which drive your sales considerably and drastically increase the visibility of your products.

We provide strategies to improve customer experience, increase revenue and brand recognition.

Our certified developers and designers develop E-Commerce Applications that are SEO friendly, highly creative, sophisticated and engaging as well.

We have successfully delivered high performing E-Commerce apps with rich quality to small, medium and large scale businesses worldwide.


At Equator, we design engaging educational apps for the present and the future generation of students and learners.To make the apps even more engaging and interesting,we add animations and play sound bits wherever it makes sense. Our developers are always on track with the latest technologies and methodologies, that add value to such apps.

Why Choose Equator for your Educational Application Development?

We differentiate ourselves from other mobile app companies by delivering secure, robust and scalable educational apps.

Our developers are experts in developing highly interactive educational apps by integrating features like push-notifications, in-app purchases, customer reviews etc.

We present child-friendly and easily navigable menus and pages in our educational apps.

We help you to develop an effective educational app which increases learner’s experience and an increase in enrolment.

We also develop educational apps for advanced educational environments like E-Classrooms etc.


Technology is constantly changing and it is hard to keep up with the latest trends and technologies. We at Equator deliver reliable, secure and scalable IT applications that adheres to the latest standards and help you to move your business forward. Our certified developers and designers have hands-on experience in almost all technologies,and are highly creative when it comes to developing & delivering IT Applications.

Why Choose Equator for your IT needs?

We offer a comprehensive set of solutions in IT from Web Application Development to Mobile Application Development, QA and Testing.

We have a 24/7 IT Support and Maintenance.

We offer IT solutions that are fresh, cost-effective, reliable, resilient and responsive.

Our IT services and solutions drive businesses with an increase in revenue, operational excellence and better engagement with customers.


Nowadays people are looking forward to taking a nice long relaxing vacation and to disconnect from their everyday routine. According to google, 78% of smartphone users, use smart phones for a variety of things, while travelling. Since everything is online now,businesses can develop travel related apps to attract more and more travellers to use your services.

Why Choose Equator for your Travel Application Development?

We incorporate high-quality visuals and media into all travel applications we develop, enabling travellers to make quick decisions.

Our top-notch software developers develop easily navigable travel apps that are a huge hit in the market.

We develop travel applications that are responsive and compatible with all devices.

We have experience working with Geo-location based services while developing a travel application, it helps the travellers to find the nearby hotels, tourist spots, cafes, etc.,

We have also delivered extremely useful solutions such as Itinerary Generator, Translator, Weather Forecasting Services, Currency Converter, World clock time converter, Local emergency services and Insurance, Cab service, Trip recommendations and Reviews for the travel applications we developed. Including these features to your travel application helps to generate new leads and boosts user experience to a great extent.


Technology has reinvented many industries. One such industry is the HealthCare Industry. At Equator, we aim to create secure and scalable healthcare applications to small, medium and large-scale medical companies by helping them to improve their quality when it comes to taking care of their patients.

Why Choose Equator for your HealthCare Application Development?

Using our mobile development expertise, we can help you to deliver healthcare solutions that are secure and device agnostic.

We specialize in creating Healthcare Websites, Custom Medical Applications, Drug Inventory, Medical Website Maintenance and Support, Healthcare CMS Development etc.

Our healthcare services are aimed to improve the operational performance of your medical practices.

We are also skilled in developing 3d medical animations for books, apps and videos.

We can help you to digitize your legacy application to the latest standards.

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We have successfully delivered over 200+ projects. Our clients are from all around the globe. Here is a sneak peek of our recent projects.

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