E-Commerce Application Development

E-Commerce Application Development

Are you trying to establish an online presence for your retail/wholesale business or looking for a redesign of your prevailing store? Then you are at the right place to get it all started.

At Equator Technologies, we have skilled e-commerce experts who are well versed with industry standard e-commerce platforms who are adept at designing high quality solutions and delivering them within your budgetary and time constraints to help boost your online revenue.

We can make the whole process of e-commerce less difficult by sitting down with you and walking through the various facets of establishing an e-store for your business.

Please find our extensive list of E-Commerce services listed below:

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Ecommerce Development


Magento is a widely recognized & used feature-rich, fast functioning, open source and scalable e-commerce platform, which could be used for a business of any size. With its comprehensive list of features, Magento can help you drive more traffic to your e-commerce store, converting your visitors into buyers.

Features of Magento

  • Magento has a powerful & scalable architecture with world-class components and the flexibility that any complex enterprise business needs.
  • Magento has an amazing community and offers outstanding support.
  • Magento consists of a variety of extensions that are cheap and secure.
  • Magento comes with products that are simple, configurable, virtual, and digital.
  • Magento supports all major Shipping Modules and it supports complex features like shipping items to Multiple Addresses in a single order.
  • Magento’s code is reusable, simple to manage and debug.

Magento Development Services

  • We recognize the need to provide differentiated client experiences and we help our clients in establishing their online presence rapidly.
  • Our team of Magento developers have a proven track record in successfully designing, building and customizing Magento based e-commerce sites.
  • Our experienced and certified Magento developers use best practices to help you build a robust, reliable, intuitive and user friendly online store with Magento.
  • Our development team estimates your online business objectives and offers100% exclusive solutions tailored to meet your precise e-commerce website needs.
  • Our Magento web designers have created lots of really cool and professional designs that have been both aesthetically pleasing and really load efficient.
  • We have expertise in both building a dynamic UI from scratch using the Magento backend API or to buy an existing theme online and customize it according to the needs of the clients.
  • We provide full-fledged e-commerce sites that are incorporated with a number of classic features, including shipping services, taxation process, payment gateways, making your online business experience easy & efficient.
  • We assist our clients in their operations, sales and marketing activities thereby allowing them to focus on their core business and we suggest an optimum e-commerce solution, implement and launch it.
  • We will also update and regularly maintain your e-commerce store as your business ,the number of customers and product categories expand.
  • Availability of easy and secure payment gateways will be an added advantage for your customers as we make it feasible with Magento development services.
  • We will link social media portals with the online store in order for your users to share their experience easily thereby rapidly increasing your business.
  • We enable secure access to your site by installing SSL Certificates, thereby creating instant reliability & security for your customers.

Magento Service Offerings

We offer these services for both Magento Enterprise and Community editions.

  • Magento Customization
  • Magento Theme Design
  • Magento Theme Development and Integration
  • Magento Module Installation
  • Online Store Development using Magento Open source platform
  • Shopping Cart
  • Payment Gateway Integration
  • Magento eCommerce with Search Engine Optimization
  • Magento Template Design and Integration
  • Magento Extensions development
  • Magento speed optimization

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OpenCart is one of the most popular, high speed, easy to use and robust open source shopping cart systems, which makes your online store look impressive and effective.

Features of OpenCart

  • Opencart is a great platform for start-ups that need to setup their business online rapidly, without assimilation many different packaged software.
  • OpenCart is a search engine friendly platform with a visually attractive interface.
  • It has high quality free templates and great plugins to make your store more social ready.
  • It has an easy to use admin panel and is very simple for administrators to customize the platform.
  • It offers an effective shopping cart and some powerful tools which are extremely intuitive and straight forward.
  • It has a smooth management system that simplifies the processes for both the visitor and the administrator.

OpenCart Development Services:

At Equator Technologies, we provide custom designed OpenCart solutions to create multi-featured online stores that meets our client’s needs perfectly. We offer the most suitable, scalable and robust OpenCart solutions, be it a small business or a large enterprise.

OpenCart Service Offerings

  • OpenCart installation / Customization
  • OpenCart compatible theme design
  • OpenCart module customization
  • OpenCart payment gateway solutions
  • OpenCart Module Development
  • OpenCart Theme Development
  • OpenCart Template Designing
  • OpenCart Plug-in Development
  • OpenCart Extensions Development
  • OpenCart Store Migration
  • OpenCart Website Optimization/Maintenance
  • OpenCart Consulting

Zen Cart

Zen Cart is a simple search engine friendly e-commerce shopping cart platform, which is specially designed for developing online stores. It is one of the best Open source platforms available in the market. Basic Installation of Zen Cart is simple and easy, when compared to all the other shopping carts in the market.

  • Zen Cart allows customers to have limitless categories and products, quantity discounts, online coupons, variety of shipping and payment modules.
  • It has a variety of sales and discount options available, and it supports multiple currencies and tax structures followed by most countries in the world.
  • Zen Cart contains a plethora of marketing tools.
  • Zen Cart enables reliable and cost-effective development of an effective e-commerce website.

Zen Cart Development Services

  • We have a proficient team of Zen Cart developers who have worked on and deployed many e-commerce sites over the years. We offer a multitude of Zen Cart development and customization services such as Zen Cart installation, Zen Cart design, Zen Cart integration,etc.
  • Our implementation team assist and guide our clients at every step of implementation & customization to make the whole process of creating an online store an easy and a pleasant experience.
  • We thrive on providing quick resolutions for all the queries of our clients.

Zen Cart Service Offerings

  • Zen Cart Installation and Customization
  • Zen Cart e-commerce Store Development
  • Zen Cart Theme Development
  • Zen Cart shopping cart development
  • Zen Cart custom Module Development
  • Zen Cart Web Application Development
  • Zen Cart E-Commerce web application
  • Zen Cart Design Integration
  • Zen Cart migration
  • Payment Gateway Integration
  • Store Upgrades and Maintenance
  • Zen Cart SEO


Are you trying to setup your online store for the first time and want to avoid the hassle of hosting & maintaining it? Then, Shopify may be a good choice for you. As a platform, Shopify can be a great solution for both start-ups and mature businesses. It is one of the top rated and highly secure e-commerce platform.

Shopify provides flexibility and it serves as a unique product showcase, sales channel and primary brand touchpoint. It has more than hundred different professional templates to design your online store, which if you want, can also be customized to match your business needs.

  • Shopify has built-in website optimizer that helps your online store show up in search engines.
  • Shopify also has a marketing tool that lets you to create discount codes and promote your products.
  • Shopify automatically identifies and alerts any store related fraud.
  • You can also take advantage of mobile commerce that comes with your Shopify online store, which helps you to look at all the necessary information about your shop, such as sales statistics, products, orders and customer details from your mobile phones.
  • Shopify has the best hosting and support infrastructure.

Shopify Development Services

  • Our team of Shopify experts help you build a robust e-commerce site that is fully hosted, beautifully designed and an easy to use admin panel with free unlimited customer service.
  • Our knowledge of Shopify Application Program Interface ( API ), add-ons and backend design minimizes the delivery time and development costs considerably.
  • We make sure that your online store contains all the current and advanced functions, from custom apps to integrations with your preferrable tools.
  • We will help you to set up your Shopify online store to its full capacity.
  • We have a dedicated shopify team to handle all the things to manage shopify web store. We provide you everything to build your Shopify business.

Shopify Services Offering

We provide the below services for shopify projects

  • Shopify Design
  • Responsive Templates
  • Custom Theme Integration
  • Shopify Ready Made Theme Integration
  • Shopify Theme Customization
  • Shopify Setup
  • Shopify App Installation
  • Shopify App Customization
  • Shopify Development
  • Shopify SEO/SMO Services


Bigcommerce is a rapidly emerging hosted e-commerce platform in the market. It is one of the most feature rich hosted shopping carts and is an excellent platform for boosting the sales and revenue of your business rapidly.

Features of Bigcommerce

  • Bigcommerce provides a creative and completely customizable platform.
  • Bigcommerce tracks and reports on the functioning of online stores as well, giving users real-time feedback on their business and permitting them to make any needed alterations to help improve their return.
  • Bigcommerce offers unique features like allowing the users of the site, to customize their shipping privileges to their need, to assure that the right products reach the customers on time.
Bigcommerce Development

Bigcommerce Development Services:

Our remarkably qualified Bigcommerce developers are dedicated in delivering comprehensive Bigcommerce solutions. Our Bigcommerce development experts are well versed in developing a successful and responsive e-store that influences both the visitors and customers of your site. We not only develop your e-store, but also provide continuous maintenance and support.

Bigcommerce Service Offerings

  • Bigcommerce Website Customization
  • Bigcommerce Store Design / Redesign
  • Bigcommerce Theme Development & Customization
  • Bigcommerce API Development
  • Bigcommerce Add-ons integration and development
  • Bigcommerce Migration Services
  • Bigcommerce Support and Maintenance
Bigcommerce Services