Software Testing

Software Testing

Software Testing is one of the most essential steps in the software development life cycle. Any Software application needs multiple levels of testing before it gets delivered to its end client.

Bug free software product always boosts the comfort level of the application user and thereby contributes to the productivity of usage of the software.

Why Equator Testing ?

Equator Technologies is well placed to ensure the maximum available benefits for clients who are looking for the best possible yet cost-effective software test automation solutions with reduced test cycle time.

We are ready to provide you with any type of manual and automated software testing, dedicated testing teams, QA and QC support in IT outsourcing software testing projects and others.

Our in-depth skill in independent testing services allows us to create customized approach, take recourse to the most appropriate test strategy, utilize the current technology while the experience in testing services ensure project cycle management to the full satisfaction of clients.

Our team of testers will help you to create error-free desktop application in the most efficient way.

We test the quality of any web & mobile applications across different platforms, environments and devices.

We have a devoted testing division, specializing in minimizing the risks, increasing productivity and extending strategic advantage to our global clients through state-of-the-art software testing practices.

We work closely with our clients to make sure that the partnership is exploited to the fullest, ensuring that our clients receive all the benefits of the association.

In coding phase, our skilled testers get ready by performing the following tasks:

  • Prepare test cases, once coding starts.
  • Start with simple tests and add more complex ones later on
  • Complete tests for one module at a time
  • Identify obstacles for testing, as early as possible and communicate with our development teams
  • Facilitate communication between the customers and developers for issues that arise from coding and testing
  • Write some manual tests for scenarios that are too difficult to automate with the automated agile testing tool in hand
  • Start automating tests once enough code is written for regression suite

With Equator Technologies, you can be sure that, the application will be tested thoroughly for all the possible vulnerabilities on time and within the available budget. We help you battle the bugs out of your software!

Functional Testing

Software functional testing is a Quality assurance process which is absolutely aimed to check if the application satisfies the needs of users by emulating the user’s behavior. It is a key process for ensuring the quality of software products.

If the developed application does not provide the proper responses for the requests of clients and if it does not gratify the user’s needs, the company will most likely experience losses and lose faith of its customers.

Increase of competition, needs companies to be sure that the apps meet the needs before they reach the end consumer.

Functional testing typically deals with,

  • functional suitability of the product
  • the accuracy of the tasks performed
  • usability
  • Proficiency to interact with other software or devices
  • Standards development
  • compliance of the final product realization with functional needs
  • protection from unauthorized use and inaccurate user actions
Functional Testing

Our testing team successfully combine practical experience and theoretical knowledge in the field of functional testing, so we provide our clients with integrated and comprehensive solutions.

Load Testing

Load Testing is the software testing procedure which is used to examine the performance of a system and evaluate its response when subject to normal and extreme load conditions.

Load Testing is the simulation process of usage traffic, which tests the performance of application, scalability and reliability, helping to create the highest amount of load that an application could withstand.

With our highly experienced testers your application will undergo testing by the most professional testing resources available that will leave you thoroughly satisfied.

We provide you with high-skilled testers who will deliver load testing for your web apps manually and with the use of the best cutting edge automation tools available in the market.

Unique requests:

Even when statistics of system work is formed, there are always a few users who request non-common used pages.

System response time:

By performing a sufficient number of measurements, the probability of system response could be easily determined. System response time depends on the degree of system distribution.

Load Testing
The spread of response time:

With a large number of time measurements there are always requests which needs the maximum processing time.

Automation Testing

Automation Software Testing Service is intended to ease manual efforts and repetitive works and to resolve any defects before they reach production.

Use of automation technology in the entire software testing life-cycle enables the team to test faster, increases test accuracy and productivity.

Automation testing provides the following benefits,

  • Increase the efficiency & effectiveness of the application
  • Reduce costs
  • Replicate testing across different platforms
  • Execute different complex test cases and achieve expected quality
  • Achieve Consistent and Accurate results
  • Reuse test scripts
  • Minimize Manual Intervention
Automation Testing

Our Quality Assurance team has vast domain expertise in automation software testing. Our Automation testers try various input scenarios and assess the test results with expected behaviors.

Our Automation testing services includes,

  • Selection of appropriate test tools
  • Identification of test scenarios which are to be automated
  • Setting up Test environment for Automation
  • Test browser compatibility and system functionality
  • Testing of software on different platforms with various configurations
  • Generation of Automation Test Report
  • Test Script Maintenance
Automation Testing

We guarantee that our managed processes enable the clients to work seamlessly with new products and services.

Usability Testing

Usability testing is used to evaluate a product by testing it on users. It is the best way to understand how real users come across your website or application.

Our Usability Testing services enable customers to maintain and enhance the usability of their websites while providing enhanced customer experience. We also ensure that they comply with statutory regulations and W3C guidelines.

We leverage our Usability Testing expertise to focus on:


Attributes of the software that bear on the effort of users to recognize the logical concept and its applicability.


Attributes of software that endure on the users’ effort to learn the application

Usability Testing

Attributes of the software that endure on the users’ effort for operations and operation control


The ability of the software to be liked by the user


This process is used to analyze the number of errors which users make, how severe are these errors, and how easily can they recover from the errors.

Performance Testing

Performance testing is crucial to business applications since it impacts business revenue, customer satisfaction, and the overall reliability of the organization.

Applications often fail to meet end-user expectations when performance testing is carried out at the end of the software development lifecycle.

Our test methodology suggests performance engineering at every phase of the development lifecycle to assure adherence to performance requirements.

Our performance testing solutions not only support traditional approach of testing but also support various cloud models and network virtualization.

Performance Testing

Regression Testing

Regression testing is a type of testing aimed at checking whether actions such as enhancements, patches or configuration modifications don’t introduce new regressions, or bugs, in both the functional and non-functional areas of an application.

Regression testing is a major part of testing life cycle. It is used to ensure that the quality of your application remains good after any changes in the software environment.

It helps to protect your system against failures and avoids any regressions caused by changes in the application.

  • Before launching any application, it has to be made sure that it functions correctly without errors. With Equator technologies, you can rest assured that your application has passed all regression tests and new improvements didn’t bring in new defects.
  • Our testers are ready to help you in testing services to provide a high quality application for your customers.
  • Each feature of your application will be tested by our experts on all available platforms before development of the next feature.
Regression Testing

Security Testing

Security testing is a type of software testing that examines whether applications’ requirements are met in order to avoid further malicious input data and other connected threats.

Our testers use the following security testing concepts:


Security measure to make sure that the information is protected against disclosure to third parties.


Detecting whether the information regarding software product is provided correctly.

Regression Testing

This process aims to identify whether the software product is fully trusted.


Ensuring that required information is always available for intended persons.


Security measures in order to determine the requester is entitled to receive a specific data or fulfill an operation.


Process to guarantee the fact of sending or receiving data by both a sender and a recipient.

Our experts will manually test your Web application for any security issues. Our clients don’t have to worry about the associated security risks due to the professional testers at your disposal who obsess to find the exact bug in the code and fix them one at a time.

Cross Browser Testing

With ample range of web browsers available, end users are using different web browsers to access the web applications, it has now become essential to test web applications on multiple browsers.

Cross browser testing involves checking compatibility of your application across multiple web browsers and ensure that your web application works correctly across different web browsers.

Cross Browser testing involves testing both the client side and server side behavior of your Web application when it is accessed using different Web Browsers.

Our team of testers ensure that your web site or web application functions correctly in various web browsers.

We follow the following cross browser testing checklist:

  • CSS validation
  • HTML or XHTML validation
  • Page validations with and without JavaScript enabled
  • Ajax and JQuery functionality
  • Font size validation
  • Page layout in different resolutions
  • All images and alignment
  • Header and footer sections
  • Page content alignment to center, LHS or RHS
  • Page styles
  • Date formats
  • Special characters with HTML character encoding
  • Page zoom-in and zoom-out functionality
  • Testing across different Operating Systems like Windows, Linux, Mac and different browsers (with different versions) like Internet explorer, Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari and Opera.
Cross Browser Testing

Penetration Testing

Penetration Testing is the process of systematically testing the security of various systems used in the storage or transmission of sensitive or valuable information.

Penetration testing is mainly used is to identify the vulnerabilities and fix them before an attacker does.

Penetration testing will recognize the external and internal vulnerabilities that remain on all network-accessible services.

We follow the following cross browser testing checklist:

At Equator Technologies, we will work with you to build a precise penetration test that matches the profile of your business, that finds where likely threats come from, and one that gives you a real world assessment. This is done to make sure that our work for you meets your exact needs.

We aim to explain the exposure your business would face if there was any malicious attack. Post assessment, we will work with you to fix the problems.

Penetration Testing

Our testers help you to identify what could have been in place to help prevent the situation, and help you recover from an attack.

Mobile Application Testing

Mobile is one of the most significant technology platforms today, with mobile devices challenging the personal computer (PC) as the application platform of choice. This makes mobile testing vital for businesses to stay ahead of competition.

Market unveiling of cell phone devices of advanced versions with different operating systems and complex functional platforms has resulted in growing demand for wide-ranging and guaranteed mobile application testing tools.

We focus in providing wide-ranging, low-cost, and swift mobile web application testing solutions for iOS, BlackBerry, iPhone, Android, Windows Mobile, and other smartphone devices with advanced features.

Our mobile application testing tools are designed keeping in view of the current developments, automation requirements, and need for cost-effective testing solutions.

Our testing team has expertise in android mobile application testing, windows phone testing, Blackberry testing and testing iPhone application in real devices and environment to make sure that end users do not face operational bottlenecks.

Our mobile application testing team comprises of in-house experts with specialization in iOS, Java ME, SIM Tool Kit, multibrowser applications and other technologies that are normally used on mobile devices. This allows us to quickly build and execute multiple mobile application testing solutions on a collection of handsets.

Mobile Application Testing

Our mobile application testing tools are developed keeping in view the need for life-cycle development of software to be used with different OS platforms and functionalities.

Our team of experts can assimilate new processes to your prevailing mobile application testing tools so that you can carry on tests effortlessly and quickly.We fully recognize that mobile application testing is a complex process where a single error can effect the functionality of the device.

Whether it is an android or an iOS application, we have the skill and technique to find out the coding errors, invisible bugs, and complexities that can impact the effectiveness of the application in the long run.

iPhone Mobile Application Testing

Due to constantly increasing competition in the market of mobile applications, the developers should focus on testing their mobile applications. Approach to such testing significantly differs from the standard approach to testing of applications developed for use on PCs. Such difference arises because of the large number of design features of mobile devices and a variety of mobile platforms. Therefore, it is better to entrust such kind of testing to professionals.

Our QA team offers full range of quality control for testing the iPhone applications.

Our testers have broad experience in working with various mobile platforms and operating systems as well as experience and knowledge base on specific character of those platforms, with the use of emulators and real devices.

Android Mobile Application Testing

Test your app with our android team of security specialists and testers who know the ins and outs of finding security and privacy vulnerabilities in modern apps.

Windows Mobile Application Testing

Windows Mobile is one of the oldest platforms and is still present in the market.

Our testing team provides Windows mobile application testing services for clients from all over the world ensuring quick, high quality and cost-effective solutions as a result. Our testers provide both manual and automated Windows mobile apps testing services depending on the needs of our client.