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Staged Interior

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Staged Interior offers quality home staging services in the Washington DC area. The CEO wanted an application to manage his clients, partners (who are realtors) and the properties that they stage to help their clients sell them faster. He also wanted a way to record all the actions needed to stage different rooms in the various levels of a house. Finally, he wanted all the calculations to be automated and a nice templated proposal to be downloaded to be emailed to his clients.

The Challenge

Clean and simple interface

Support for Desktops, Laptops & Tablets

Support for Complex workflows

The Solution

We came up with a Responsive UI which would display uniformly across devices of different sizes, so that their engineers can carry a tablet when on field and can work with a desktop when they are in the convenience of their offices, to record the necessary actions for staging their house. We also came up with a tabbed interface, to modularize the data entry and to allow them to save small chunks of information at a time. They could jump between different tabs to view various details without heavy postbacks. Most importantly, we made sure that every page loaded within a few seconds and were able to simplify a very complex workflow into an intuitive user interface, thereby enhancing the UX considerably.


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