No business is safe from data breaches. Industry giants like Facebook, Twitter, even Microsoft and Apple have encountered cyber attacks. While security breaches in large companies make the headlines, small businesses make a significant percentage of such incidents. The California Breach Report states that 17 percent data breach incidents are reported by companies from the small and medium business sector. The percentage, which has risen from 12 percent over a four-year period, mainly represents businesses with fewer resources and less online security awareness.

With the growth of technology, the industry is posing new threats to small businesses worldwide. On one hand businesses are hard-pressed to adopt technology to create leaner and efficient systems; on the other, cyber attackers have found sophisticated ways to break into business systems and steal sensitive information.

Given that, businesses need to be more aware of data security risks so as to develop robust data management strategies and create a highly secure IT landscape. Here are some of the risks that require every small business to reconsider their data policy.

Negligent Employee Behavior

Not everyone may be fully aware of data security issues and the need for a more careful behavior. Therefore, your organization may be vulnerable to a number of security risks resulting from negligence, such as opening attachments embedded in spam, using weak passwords, leaving systems unattended, and visiting restricted websites. These negligent behaviors may lead to data theft by an insider or an external attacker.

Employee Mobility

While Bring-Your-Own-Device (BYOD) trend has made doing business a lot easier, it has brought about greater security challenges. While 56 percent of employees store sensitive business information in their laptops, tablets, smartphones, and other gadgets, more than half of business data is almost always vulnerable to falling into wrong hands. As BYOD trend continues to rise, the risk of data loss due to mishandling of information is likely to remain an issue for small businesses.

No Backup Plan

Most small businesses do not routinely back up their data. Besides this, a large percentage of small businesses have no backup plan in place, and thus are completely unaware of how they might survive a downtime.Backup

With no automated backup system or plan, small businesses lack tools to fight disasters and other unfavorable incidents.

Absence of Data Security Policy

Most small businesses lack proper data security plans due to which they lack standard operating procedures to manage or mitigate online security risks.

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