The client wanted us to develop a portal where visitors could search for attractions in the area of their interest, all around the globe. The client wanted the ability for the users to create itineraries and save them. He also wanted the ability for the users to share their itineraries, so that other users could search on them and use them to schedule their trips. The client wanted the ability for vendors to register their travel packages for any area that they operate in, so that they could be displayed along with the search results.

The Challenge

Clean and simple interface

Map Integration

Data Collection

The Solution

We came up with a responsive UI to support devices of different sizes, as mobile support was key for the client. We integrated with many free and subscription based APIs to run our searches and return relevant attractions for the users. We integrated Facebook and Gmail API to make it extremely easy for the users to register in the site and also to invite friends. We also implemented vendor registration and an admin page for them to register their travel packages. Most importantly, we allowed users to create itineraries (with the attractions they like) and save them. We also allowed them to make it either private or public or share it with their friends.


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