With Topthatdeed we were asked to create a social crowd-funding platform with an interesting twist. When a registered user does something, a deed (for example,a user donates $100K to a local college), he can share that deed (by posting pictures & comments) with the public or friends or with a selected few (private). Once the user shares his deed, other users who get to see the deed can either Accept or Decline the challenge. If someone accepts the challenge, they are given a date before which they should perform a similar deed and post pictures of it and share it with the group. Users can follow other users and can invite friends to join their network, which would bring their friend's public posts to their wall and vice versa. Users can also chat with each other using the messenger exactly like facebook users.

The Challenge

Web Messenger Support

Responsive UI to support multiple devices

Facebook like Social platform

The Solution

We came up with a social platform with a responsive UI and a web messenger which rivals whatsapp and facebook. We made it possible for both desktop and mobile users to leverage the platform with equal ease. We enabled strict access control to protect the security and privacy of the users. With an internal messenger, we facilitate features like conferencing, ability to share pictures etc.


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