Soul Deep Skin



Soul Deep Skin is a unique clothing line for men who sell quality T-Shirts, Pants & Shorts for their clientele. Their team wanted an e-commerce site which had a unique responsive design. They wanted their users to pick different options easily, for items they were purchasing. They wanted for their users to pay securely and checkout quickly.

The Challenge

Unique responsive Design & a Complex UI

Support for various options

Secure Payments

The Solution

We developed the site using the Magento platform to exploit the innumerable features that it has to offer. We developed a responsive UI from scratch, which supported their unique design and connected with the Magento API to create a completely tailored digital experience for their clients. We secured their site by installing an SSL certificate to secure every purchase and scripted a workflow where users were able to checkout their purchases quickly. We also trained their staff in Magento administration, so that they could manage their site after the initial handoff.

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