SecureDB allows developers to encrypt sensitive user fields in the cloud. They provide a user management REST API which implements basic use cases of an application like registration, login, change password etc. They make sure that the sensitive information is both stored and transported in an encrypted manner.

The Challenge

To Develop a Visually appealing Web Dashboard

To Secure the application in multiple ways

To Develop a Sample Demo App to Consume the Secure REST API

The Solution

We came up with a rich dashboard to provide the users of their secure API to understand what was going on with their website. The Dashboard graphs details such as Number of successful logins, Number of failed Login attempts, Number of successful logins for users using two factor authentication, who are the most frequent users of the site vs the least frequent users etc. We developed an Alerts tab where any abnormal activities would be highlighted for the site admin to notice quickly and take corrective actions. We also developed a sample demo application which consumed their secure REST API to demonstrate using code, services like Registration, login, two factor authentication etc.


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