Management Square



The CEO of Management Square (who is a certified Project Management Consultant), wanted a site which offers Project and Program Management training courses for paid subscribers. He wanted to leverage Simplilearn, who offer a wide portfolio of courses in various delivery formats. The client wanted us to port the content of a number of relevant courses from the parent site to his site. He also wanted to integrate payment gateways such as Paypal & Stripe and needed a way to secure the payments.

The Challenge

Simple and Visually appealing interface

Multi-device compatibility

Secure Payments

The Solution

We built the site using WordPress with a responsive theme which would support devices of different sizes such as laptops, tablets & mobile phones. We wrote a web crawler which was able to read the course content from the parent site and was able to automatically format it to match the new site's style and theme. We integrated two payment gateways, Paypal and Stripe and installed an SSL certificate to both secure the payment pages and also the whole site. Most importantly, we integrated Simplilearn with the site, so that registered users can use the training videos which they paid for.


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