HCRM is a home grown CRM solution developed with SMEs as the target audience. We wanted to keep it simple so that users can jump in and start using it right away with no to minimal training. HCRM provides the ability to manage Companies, Contacts and Deals. Sales people can navigate through the Companies assigned to them, pick contacts to call or email, record their conversations and schedule followups through the application. Administrators can login and do basic tasks like creating users, assigning Contacts for existing users, looking at their team's schedule and measure their productivity using the reports in the Dashboard.

The Challenge

Simple and Intuitive UI

Multi-Device Support (Desktops, Laptops & Tablets)

Fast response times

The Solution

We came up with a responsive UI which is clean and simple to use and navigate. Sales people could login and stay in a single page to perform all their tasks such as navigating through their assigned Companies and Leads, picking a lead and perform actions like saving a conversation, scheduling a followup etc. Users were able to see the history of previous conversations with a particular lead, which proved to be very useful for a new sales guy picking up another person's work. We provided an easy way for the users to see all their followups for the current day and highlighted them with different colors based on their priority so that they can immediately attend to the most promising prospects. The application supports a powerful filter functionality using which the users could filter on any combination of fields in the grid, to select a list of targeted leads that they want to focus on right away. We also provided a way for the users to customize the fields that they want to see in any grid. On login, users were taken back to the exact same place where they were working the last time when they logged off, which helped them pick back where they left off thereby increasing their productivity considerably. A dynamic Dashboard with reports provided an easy way for the admins/Managers to measure their team's performance over a given time period.


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