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ETI is an accredited online training provider, who offer a variety of IT courses for a subscription fee. They wanted to leverage Simplilearn, who offer a wide portfolio of courses in various delivery formats. The client wanted us to port the content of a number of relevant courses from the parent site to his site. He also wanted to integrate a payment gateway to allow the users of the site to purchase courses they like.

The Challenge

Clean and simple interface

Simple and Visually appealing interface

Search Engine Optimization

The Solution

We built the site using Magento with a dynamic responsive theme which supports devices of different sizes such as laptops, tablets & mobile phones. We developed a web crawler which was able to read the content of hundreds of courses from Simplilearn and was able to automatically format it to match the new site's style and theme. We integrated a payment gateway specific to their bank in Nigeria. We integrated Simplilearn with the site, so that registered users can use the training videos which they paid for. We also made sure that the site is SEO friendly by doing OnPage optimization and by leveraging a WordPress SEO plugin.


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