Mobile App Security:

In 2015, we have seen a vivid increase in data breaches and hacker attacks that affected a wide range of organizations. This is shocking, since most of the mobile applications save sensitive and private data on their servers with little security.

As hackers try to look out for security gaps on popular applications, mobile app industry needs to increase and maintain their focus heavily on mobile security, to make sure that there are no security cracks and data leaks caused by carelessness.

Better User Experience:

With Apple and Android introducing different screen sizes for their devices, mobile app developers have to make sure that the mobile apps which they develop would work seamlessly across all devices and screen sizes.

Cloud and Mobile Applications:

Cloud computing and technologies are already playing a vital role in the tech industry.

Recently, many mobile applications have started to use cloud resources and also most developers have started to build apps on the cloud. These apps can be easily used on various mobile platforms.

Cloud platform helps the developers to keep the app size small with most of the space requirements handled via the cloud.

Using cloud support, maintaining the bandwidth and required memory space become more easy thereby adding a lot of value. Users can access their apps across multiple devices, irrespective of their locations and availability of device. Moreover, it will also help developers to easily sync data across a large spectrum of devices occupying the Cloud platform.

cloud and mobile applications

IoT(Internet of Things) taking Center Stage:

Internet of Things is advancing fastly with the world of technology.In the latest trends, IoT has grown rapidly with more and more smart devices and wearables in the market.

With Google Glass and Apple watch already making a huge lift in the market, it is no wonder the Internet of Things and the wearable technology are gaining great popularity.

IoT has taken apps beyond smartphones and tablets to other devices that we use daily.

As the demand for smart devices increase, app developers have to enhance their focus from smartphones to building apps for a variety of smart devices.

Internet of things

Mobile Apps for 3D Printing :

3D printing for mobile apps is expected to grow in 2016 with more and more people wanting to build mobile apps for 3D modeling and printing.

Augmented Reality based solutions:

In 2016, various businesses have started to adopt augmented reality to develop mobile apps, since it provides better user experience to the customers and engage them.

Augmented Reality offers incredible uses for developing mobile apps, as it integrates virtual data into the physical real world by utilizing an iPhone or an Android phone’s native features like compass, camera and GPS.


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