With 4.6 billion mobile phone users worldwide, mobile app market has grown exponentially over the past few years.As experts predict the increase in mobile phone population with over 900 million new smartphones, the application downloads is likely to reach over 200 billion by the end of 2016. Besides the growing population of smartphone users, the advancements in technology are further expected to contribute to the growth and demand of apps in the coming years.

Considering the growth in mobile app industry, it’s the best time for businesses to develop their own mobile apps. Let’s take a look at how a well-designed mobile app can benefit your business in various ways.

Mobile App Can Improve User Experience

Apps have made things far simpler than before. Given that, modern customers seek convenience and ease of access in everything – from communication to task management and from information gathering to shopping. However, providing your customers with a multi-functional app can be a great alternative to traditional browsing options.

By allowing your customers to access your business from virtually anywhere, you can have a significant impact on your customer experience to bring in more sales, boost revenue, and improve growth prospects.

Can Improve Visibility

An average internet user spends more than two hours on his mobile device. This opens up opportunities for businesses to improve their visibility and brand recognition.The more your target audience sees your brand, the better are your ‘top-of-the-mind’chances, as well as being a priority during the buying process.

Can Stand Out From the Competition

Do your competitors offer an app? If no, here is your chance of taking the lead.Although many large businesses have developed their own mobile apps, the concept is still new among small businesses.By being the first business to offer a multi-functional app, you can stay ahead of the curve.

Can ImproveCustomer Engagement

FeaturedCurrently, nearly 50 percent web searches come through mobile device. By 2019,population of mobile search users may become twice the size of market in 2014.While the change is largely attributable to increased mobility and changing browsing behavior, apps can significantly improve customer engagement among people using mobile devices while commuting or doing other chores.

Offering a convenient and pleasant mobile browsing experience is extremely important for businesses to reduce the risk of losing a customer to competitor.Avoid the risk by creating a well-designed mobile app for your business. Along with offering website application development solutions, we offer professional mobile app development services to deliver highly-specialized apps that let you reach out to your customers.Call us at 1-703-466-0055 to get consultation on your mobile app needs.