5 Useful Magento Extensions – Part 2

Welcome to Part 2 of our write-up about another set of useful Magento extensions which could make a really difference to any Magento Site. For this time, we decided to pick a list of extensions which could boost your site’s sales and profitability drastically. We also managed to drop in an extension which helps you to lure visitors who are wholesalers, thereby increasing your sales exponentially.

Amazon Products Manager

Amazon Products Manager extension is a very powerful Amazon Magento fulfillment solution, which provides a complete set of tools to integrate Amazon with a Magento online store. It is designed to help Amazon affiliates import products, descriptions, images, prices, reviews, stocks and all attributes from “Amazon” to your Magento Store.

As a Magento site owner, you can easily import and manage products from any Amazon store. You can synchronize the data using cron jobs in order to keep data accurate and current. The extension reads out Amazon Seller store products and import the products in your Magento Store.

As an affiliate store, you make money on the total basket, even if the buyer purchases something totally unrelated to the product link they followed from your store.


  • Import Products from Amazon store

  • Amazon products can be loaded from countries like(USA, UK, Japan, France, Germany, Canada, Spain etc.,)

  • Supports product mapping between amazon and magento store

  • Using this Magento extension you can easily manage products in Amazon

  • Avoids creating duplicate products, if product already exists in magento store it just updates the product details

  • Supports Category Mapping, if the product exists under particular category,after importing the product into our magento store it will be stored under the same category

  • Supports Product Variations,multiple choice drop-downs

  • Supports importing configurable products from amazon



Custom Math Pricing is the most powerful custom pricing module ever created for Magento. It allows a store owner to create price formulas per product which can use the base price of the product or just the options prices of the product.

You can define your own formulas and create your own discount and up-charge schemes using logic like ({width} * {height} >= 20) && ({width} * {height} <= 30) : -0.15 * {width} * {height} * {price};


  • Sell variable sized products easily on your web shop

  • This Advance variation pricing extension calculates price of variable sized products dynamically

  • Different Input and output units are supported such as Meter, Centi-meter, Milli-meter, Inch etc.

  • Performs area and volume based calculations

  • Custom validation messages

  • Configure price per unit area as required

  • Decimal and integer values are supported

  • Supports group pricing

  • Set keywords for minimum and maximum size that will appear in Product’s Price Calculator rule tab

  • Customize Text for discount Labels

  • Multi-Language Support


PDF Catalog Print

A printed product catalog is both a necessity and also a powerful marketing tool for any store owners who sell to other businesses. PDF Catalog Print extension is a professional solution which allows Magento store owners to generate PDFs of all your store products with just a few clicks. This extension allows your customers to generate PDFs of products and categories directly from your website without visiting other websites or using any additional applications.

It helps store owners to generate a PDF catalog document quickly in a flexible format. It uses a special HTML version for printing categories and products.

This extension follows traditional Magento guidelines supporting regular Magento XML Layouts, template PHTML’s. You can easily edit template files, insert Magento snippets or short codes.

The PDF Catalog Print Extension for Magento (Advanced Version) allows the visitor or customer to print/download the PDF catalog in a document form. This document normally contains the:

  • Cover page
  • Clickable category index with page number
  • Product page with image and allowed attributes
  • Page heading and footer
  • Word index for product name


  • Admin can generate PDF catalog with specific customer group price.

  • Link on for catalog print on each category page.

  • Allows product list in Grid or List view.

  • Allows admin to list out product attributes to make available for catalog document.

  • Generate entire catalog PDF from admin.

  • Design document title/cover page.

  • Design PDF by changing font color, border color, also you can upload new fonts (upload font files).

  • QR code for each product.

  • Admin access to generate catalog PDF for selected categories.

  • Different configuration options for Grid view and List view.

  • Enable/Disable catalog print link on frontend.

  • Store level and user group level access of catalog print on front-end.


Subscriptions and Recurring Payments

This extension provides you with excellent functionality for subscriptions and recurring payments management.

The Subscriptions and Recurring Payments extension allows you to sell products on a daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly subscription basis with any duration. Increase sales in your Magento store easily by accepting recurring payments and selling subscription products with this extension.


  • Supports recurring payments made only via PayPal Express Checkout.

  • Compatible with Magento 1.9 community edition.

  • Supports ‘Simple’ and ‘Virtual’ product types.

  • Improves sales by providing multiple payment periods instead of one-time payment.

  • Registered customers can keep track of their subscriptions and payments through their ‘Recurring Profile’

  • Admin can provide multiple subscription plans (daily, weekly etc) for a single product.

  • Four subscription types can be provided namely ‘Day’, ‘Week’, ‘Month’, ‘Year’.

  • ‘Billing Period Price’ option can be used to set the price for a single billing in a subscription period

  • ‘Billing Frequency’ can be used to set the frequency of payment for a subscription type.

  • ‘Billing Cycle’ can be used to set the time of completion of a billing cycle.

  • Starting date of a subscription can either be set by the customer or activated from the date of purchase.

  • Admin can either enable or disable the subscription options for a product.

  • Dedicated dashboard for maintaining recurring profiles.

  • Admin can get the list of active and suspended profiles from the dashboard.

Customer Credits

Customer credit extension allows customers to pay for any goods or services using the funds of internal credit account. This extension allows funds to be transferred to the customer’s internal balance in an instant manner instead of periodic need to create discount coupons.

Using this extension, you can enhance the interaction with your Customers by many activities such as adding credit or refunding Customers by credit. It also helps to attract additional customer audience, using prepaid debit cards which can be automatically generated by a store admin or a sales manager.


  • Expire credits functionality

  • Staff name in credits reports

  • Ability to create credit rules of % type (% from order’s total will be added to customer’s account)

  • Ability to import/export recharge codes

  • Improved credit block behavior at cart page

  • Support for Magento API SOAP v2

  • Ability to pay for the products and services using customer internal Credit Balance

  • Ability to purchase internal credits

  • Ability to invoice orders paid by internal credits automatically

  • Ability to choose Internal Credits when creating orders manually from Magento back-end

  • Automate sending balance update notifications

  • Apply store credit when an order is created from the back-end

  • Refund customers with credit funds

  • Update credit balances individually or via mass action

  • Manage customer credit balance and track the complete transaction history

  • Automate sending balance update notifications

  • Grant credit balance manually

  • Ability to edit orders paid with credits